Together towards a sustainable future!

Being part of a large industry, Vegotex International has a responsibility to deliver skin-friendly and environmentally safe products to ensure a healthy fashion industry. We continuously work together with suppliers and partners to augment transparency in our supply chain and to make positive changes with regard to the protection of the environment and the achievement of social compliance.

Our Commitment to People
Vegotex International believes that it is imperative to assure a healthy and safe working environment where workers feel respected and receive equal opportunities. This is our way of supporting ethical business behavior. As an amfori BSCI member, we place sustainable trade at the heart of our business by respecting and following labor principles according the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct.

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Our Engagement to the Environment
As a member of the amfori BEPI international organization, we promote focused environmental improvements in our supply chain, with regard to waste management, greenhouse gases, chemical management and much more, in order to shape a policy environment for open and sustainable trade. We engage locally and globally to reduce the environmental impact and to augment transparency in our supply chain.

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Skin-Friendly Clothing
Our aim is to design delicate and ethical high quality products while ensuring transparency and traceability in every aspect of our activity. Vegotex International produces garments bearing the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® product label. Yarns, fabrics or ready-to-use items are constantly tested for harmful substances to ensure skin-friendly and safe garments.

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Wastewater Management
At Vegotex International, we aim to minimise our impact on the environment through effective water management, in order to ensure that fresh water remains available for everyone. Following amfori standards, we manage and treat the quantity and quality of our wastewater released into the environment.

Sustainable Cotton
By working closely together with suppliers and expert organisations when sourcing more sustainable raw materials, we’re able to reduce our carbon, water and waste footprint, limit chemical and pesticide usage, prevent deforestation and protect fresh water and biodiversity. Organic cotton, our primary focus, is grown using methods and materials that have a positive impact on the environment. Vegotex collaborates with and consults third-party certification organisations such as the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), who verify that organic producers meet strict federal regulations, using methods and materials allowed in organic production.

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Producing Detox
By demand of some of our clients, Vegotex has successfully produced different garments under the Detox standards (launched by Greenpeace to encourage the textile industry to be less hazardous and more environmentally friendly). Doing our part for the environment and knowing our customers’ desires, Vegotex is proud to have this capability. Do you strive to produce clothing under Detox regulation? Don’t hesitate to contact our sales department, and we’ll help you achieve your goals.

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