Our Wholesale Brands

Vegotex International has over 90 years of experience with knitted and woven fashion for men, women and children. We have happy customers spread all over the world to whom we offer the fruits of our experience in the form of five trendy brands as well as a custom-made design service for your own label.

Our brands offer a wide range of styles so that all your customers are certain to find something to their liking:

Lemon Beret: colourful and playful clothes for kids
Emoi: elegant and feminine fashion for women
E-bound: casual fashion for men
RE-GEN: bold designs with a rugged look for teens
X-Peak: comfortable and functional sportswear fashion for men and women who love exploring the outdoors

As is the case in most boutique wholesale distributors, our customers can pre-order apparel in advance of the season.
This way, you always have the latest styles on display for your own customers in your retail store. Naturally, you can also order from stock during the season. You can find the link to our B2B Webshop here.

Additionally, we offer a custom-made design service – this entails that our design team will use a sample or sketch obtained by you to create a unique design that matches the style of your label. For more information regarding how we can help you achieve your projects, please contact us here.