Vegotex International is an experienced manufacturer of woven and knitted fashion garments. The scale of our operation, our solid financial foundation and proven track record makes us a sound manufacturing and logistics choice. For us, excellence in execution is key and we pride ourselves on cultivating flexible business relationships to meet the most challenging demands.

With over 90 years of experience, we are more than just a manufacturer, we are the partner of choice for those who want to excel in the bespoke fashion business.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and professional wholesale clothing vendor with a diverse range of styles, look no further. Next to our customizable fashion service, we also offer our very own in-house brands for women, men & kids : Lemon Beret, Rebel Generation, Emoi, E-Bound, and X-peak.

Lemon Beret – Kidswear

Lemon Beret offers casual, everyday clothes for kids at affordable prices. Lemon Beret kids are curious, love color and seek out the joy in life. Our on-trend garments are designed to survive the rough and tumble of child’s play with no compromising on quality or comfort. Our collection is great to mix & match whatever the mood. We strive to surprise children with our fun and often humorous fashion, helping them express themselves as tiny, growing individuals. Because ultimately, our goal is happy kids.

Rebel Generation – Streetwear for Teens

RE-GEN, Rebel Generation, is worn by bad boys and girls with an attitude who love bold designs, favoring striking black & white fashion items and sporting a rugged look. The Rebel Generation is less about age and more about attitude. RE-GEN’s streetwear fashion style is an expression of their tough character and personality. The whole collection is easy to coordinate and made of high-quality fabrics. Bad never looked so good.

Emoi – Womenswear

Emoi by Emonite Womenswear offers clothing for confident and elegant women, at entry-level prices. Our collections cover basics as well as the latest styles for you to mix and match as you please. We offer quality fashion with vibrant colors and feminine forms. Whether you are dressing for a day at the office, after work drinks, a romantic dinner or an afternoon shopping in the city, Emoi has a look for every occasion. Let your Emoi outfit express your mood today, and every day.

E-Bound – Menswear

E-Bound by Earthbound Menswear is a casual fashion brand for the modern-day man in need of great quality clothing at affordable prices, with styles you can combine effortlessly. Our styles are fashionable, designed for a comfortable fit and come in a range of cool colors and prints. With a variety of items to choose from, you can create a look that expresses your own personality. Whether you prefer an urban vibe, a laid-back style or a sporty appearance, E-bound offers it all. Who said looking good has to be expensive?

X-Peak – Outdoor & Sportswear

X-Peak outdoor & sportswear for men and women is the perfect partner for price-conscious outdoor types who love being in nature. Whether you’re just going for a walk, taking a backpacking trip, hiking up hills or skiing down slopes, you need suitable gear to make the most of it. The X-Peak outdoor collection effortlessly combines functionality and fashion style. We ensure you stay warm, dry and comfortable while maintaining peak performance.

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