Founded over 85 years ago by William Gotlib in Antwerp, Belgium, Vegotex has grown from a small family business to one of Europe’s largest private label manufacturers. Now in its third generation of family management, the company’s quantum leap was brought about by Jacques Paul Gotlib, who seized upon the huge potential of trading with China and the Far East, transforming the company into a major player in the European textiles import-export market.

In its 86 years of trading, Vegotex has expanded its presence to cover 30 European countries as well as the Near and Far East and North Africa, all while maintaining the same family values of modesty and respect. The latest brand to join the Vegotex family of brands is Belgian prêt-à-porter label "Mais il est où le soleil?" which became part of the group in 2012. The company today is run from its headquarters in Sint-Niklaas in Belgium, where a staff of some 80 individuals manages the worldwide operations of this EUR 150 million plus family business

80 years